Pee Party: Chappell’s Sports Bar and Museum

Pee Party is an irregular column where we investigate local bar restrooms.

There are a lot of people out there who turn up their noses at the Northland. I don’t get it. Sure, there’s horrible sprawl, hideous commercial development and soulless subdivisions. But there’s also Parkville, which is quaint and cute and situated right on the Missouri River. And there’s Armour Road, which is about three minutes from downtown KC and lined with little shops, a Screenland movie house, a Dairy Queen where I sometimes go get Blizzards now that the one on Southwest Boulevard closed, and a handful of restaurants and bars.

One of those, Chappell’s Sports Bar & Museum (323 Armour), has a pretty unique angle going. As its name suggests, it serves food and beverages, but also functions as a sort of museum of sports memorabilia. Even if you’re not that into sports, the historical artifacts are pretty remarkable. If you’re not into sports or old things, I don’t know what to say to you. Possibly you do not have a soul.

But what’s going on in the restrooms? Follow me, my friends.

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