Pastor’s lawyer claims JaCo Sheriff arrested the wrong Lloyd Sartain

The attorney for a an Independence pastor arrested and released without being charged last week in a raid of the New Covenant Faith Center now says Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies mistakenly arrested Lloyd Sartain because they thought he was a felon.

John Carnes told KCTV Channel 5 that his client, Lloyd D. Sartain, is not a felon. But his son, Lloyd A. Sartain, is.

“They had a mistaken identity,” Carnes told KCTV 5. “They thought the reverend was his son.”

A week ago, sheriff’s investigators began a search of New Covenant and an adjoining home. Sheriff’s officials seized guns, computers and cash during the search. They’re asking anyone who has had contact

with the church to report possible misconduct.

Last week, Carnes told The Pitch‘s David Martin that Sheriff Mike Sharp‘s search of the church was more like “an occupation” and suggested Sharp get the place appraised “because my client’s probably going to own it.”

Carnes added that four guns were found during the search, but the claim that Sartain was a felon in possession of a firearm was not true. Sartain’s wife has a license to carry a concealed weapon, Carnes said.

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