Oysters and mussels and clams oh my! Do you know which are sustainable seafood?

When you think “food in Kansas City,” chances are seafood doesn’t come in the top 10. Maybe not even the top 100. Yet it’s on menus all over the city.

But before you bite into that succulence from the sea, you should know whether what you’re eating is sustainable or not. Overfishing is such a problem that a report by top scientists concluded that if fishing stays at its current levels, “there will be virtually nothing left to fish from the seas by the middle of the century.”

To help make good selections, the Sierra Club has developed a 10-question quiz to “learn how to green your seafood.”

The multiple-choice questions range from what types of sushi are the best to what type of fishing boat produces the least amount of “bycatch.”

Sadly, I scored only 50 percent, which is terrible for a fish lover like myself. I performed especially badly on the farming-versus-wild-fish questions, an eye-opening experience that shows how much education I need on the subject.

The quiz is here. If you’re the type who hates quizzes and just wants the in-depth answers, they’re on the Sierra Club’s site.

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