Now Open: Coda

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If this post looks familiar it’s because it was first featured on The Pitch’s musical Wayward Blog yesterday. Our wonderful music editor Jason Harper went exploring the former midtown space that was Jilly’s and came away with this gem.


As a Westside dweller and Crossroads worker, I’ve been curious as to the progress of Coda, which announced itself with a “coming soon” sign in the window of the vacated Jilly’s sometime last year.

Yesterday while driving by, I noticed the “coming soon” had been updated to “now open,” so I gathered up the Buckle Bunny for a drop-by. Here’s one view of the inside. Jilly’s had its own dingy appeal, but this place is vastly cleaner and more open.

Coda’s owners, married couple Dan and Annie Tutko, were happy to pause from their ongoing labors to give us a rundown of the joint’s progress. The place opened a week ago, serving lunch only .

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