Now Open, again: Madame Hatter’s Tea Room

The girliest restaurant in the metro, Madame Hatters Tea Room

​Last December, I stumbled upon a little tea room in downtown Eudora, Kansas — yes, there is one — called Madame Hatters Tea Room and I stopped in for lunch; the food was good enough that I actually reviewed it as part of a bigger story on local tea shops.

Well, it seems downtown Eudora is going through some changes and the owner of Madame Hatters, Bonnie Freeland, decided to pack up her collection of teapots, the assortment of festive hats and feather boas that her younger clients like to wear — the place is a magnet for the Little Princess set — and her cooking utensils and move to Bonner Springs, Kansas.

“The city really wooed me to come here,” Freeland said.”And I needed more space.”

The kitchen at the old Madame Hatters — located in a former bank building, complete with a steel vault — wasn’t very big, to put it mildly. I think it had been a closet. The new location is the site of a former bar and grill, the Jet Fuel Cafe, at 228 Oak Street in downtown Bonner Springs — yes, they have one too, with a pretty interesting thrift store — that Freeland completely redecorated so that the walls are now painted in shades of raspberry sherbet and peppermint chip ice cream — and fancy parasols dangle from the high ceiling. The restaurant now has a much bigger kitchen — three times larger, Freeland said — so it now offers special dinners one night a month, including the “Ladies Night Out” meal planned for November 13. Next month’s meal, scheduled for October 15, will have a German flavor, in honor of Oktoberfest.

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