New Texas Tom’s restaurant opened today at 3360 Troost

Restaurateur Ali Nazam says he knew a good location when he saw it.

The vacant storefront at 3360 Troost, which had been previously occupied by Teeshia’s Taste Cafe, looked like a good site, he says, for another Texas Tom’s fast-food restaurant; Nazam already owns a Texas Tom’s franchise at 6950 Prospect. Like that location, customers at the Troost venue order from an employee behind a thick pane of Plexiglas. Unlike the Prospect Avenue restaurant, the new Troost operation, which opened for business today, has indoor seating for more than a few people. 

“The Prospect restaurant does mostly carryout business,” Nazam says. “We’ll have carryout and eat-in dining here.”

The dining hours at the Troost restaurant are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Texas Tom’s features one of the most eclectic fast-food menus: burgers, Italian steaks, tacos, gyro sandwiches, hot dogs, whole fried catfish dinners, hot chicken wings, and a seafood basket with fried fish and shrimp. For really big appetites, there’s a Buck-a-roo Basket containing a hamburger, taco, burrito, fries and three onion rings.

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