Nebraska Furniture Mart deserves a hip-hop theme song

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Photo courtesy Nebraska Furniture Mart

I know. That’s not a headline I thought I’d ever write. But here we are.

Omaha based furniture and home decor outlet Nebraska Furniture Mart, known for its sprawling stores, has opened a competition for a new theme song. Artists were invited to compose a unique theme song that embodies the spirit and history of NFM to be featured in upcoming ad campaigns, including TV and radio commercials.

“With more than 400 entries, we were astounded at the amount of talent in all our regions,” said Jackie Chavez, Marketing and Events Producer at NFM. “It was so difficult to choose just 10 and we’re truly excited and humbled to see what a positive impact NFM has had on so many people over the years.”

After an initial review by NFM staff, the top 10 entries are:

  • “Home is Heaven” by Chris Akers of Boone, IA
  • “Memories” by John Carrol of Celina, TX
  • “Welcome Home” by Bethany Cranfield of Dallas, TX
  • “Home to Me” by Mary Heather Hickman of Nashville, TN
  • “My Open Arms” by Tre Mutava of Lenexa, KS
  • “House Becomes a Home” by Danika Portz of Nashville, TN
  • “Come Home” by The Scott Schram Band of Omaha, NE
  • “Home Has a Place in the Heart” by Kyle Sexton of Prairie Village, KS
  • “NFM Flex Anthem” by SnackBoyz of Overland Park, KS
  • “Feels Like Home” by The Woodhaven Brothers of Cedar Falls, IA

Here’s the thing. We’ve been listening to these songs, which are all available right here. Most of it is exactly what you’d expect. Folky guitar riffs. Pleasant country themes. Smooth synth pads.

Exactly the kind of thing that a boring furniture outlet would choose. But that’s not NFM. They’re not like that. They’re raw. They’re edgy. They’re ready to prove to the whole world that this isn’t your grandpappy’s furniture outlet.

That is why, as an editorial board, we have decided to place our endorsement behind that track “NFM Flex Anthem” by SnackBoyz of Overland Park, KS.

First, they are called SnackBoyz. I don’t know what else you want. That’s the name of the artists that should win this competition.

Second, they are a rap group from Overland Park. So follow my line of logic here: can you imagine what level of confidence you have to possess to work in this genre and publicly list that you are from Overland? These Boyz are Kingz.

Third, they shout that you can get a new sofa from Nebraska Furniture Mart. This is good advertising for the company. Not many of the other songs give a shout out to the sponsor by name. This would be good in an ad, because it says the thing that is being advertised. Also, employees could sing this jingle around the store. Shouting in unison. Name checking Mahomet. Barking. Never stopping.

Fourth — and I cannot stress this enough — they are called SnackBoyz.

From the top five finalists, one grand prize winner will be selected and will receive a $25,000 cash prize and credit in NFM’s upcoming TV spots that will air in five states. The top five finalists will receive a prize package from NFM and contest sponsors Bedgear and Samsung.

$25k cash. You know how many Snacks you can buy with that? I don’t, but I know who does.

The SnackBoyz. That’s whom.

Public voting is now open at and will remain open until March 15, 2020. The top five artists, as chosen by the public, will be invited to perform their songs for a live audience at The Waiting Room in Omaha, NE on April 2. Presale tickets will be available for $5 on Eventbrite starting March 9 or $10 at the door with proceeds benefiting music education program Omaha Girls Rock.

If anyone in Omaha would like to write this event up for us, please reach out to because we have to know how this ends. If any Omaha acts, like 311 or Cursive, would like to cover the winning single: please send us your mp3 and we will consider it.

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