NBC Action News explains the liquor closures

Why, it was just two days ago that Fat City mentioned the roster of Kansas City, Missouri, businesses temporarily closed for serving alcohol to minors. Turns out there’s a reason for the uptick in violations.

Fresh off cracking the case of the rotten sushi, NBC Action News is at again. It followed the Kansas City, Missouri’s Regulated Industries Division (RDI) on an undercover sting. RDI had two 20-year-olds walk into bars, ask for a beer and present their normal underage license.

Turns out that two of the bars temporarily closed two weeks ago — the Brooksider and Harry’s Country Club — were caught on the night the cameras were there.

The Brooksider and Harry’s were far from the only offenders — 60 percent of the restaurants and bars the film crew visited served minors. From that large number, one might be lead to believe the problem is at epidemic levels.

It might be, but 60 percent is probably overstating the issue. RDI admits it visits problem bars more often, thus skewing the numbers. RDI manager Gary Majors told NBC Action News that he “promises each business that if it fails the first time, his investigators will be back to check again later.”

His goal is to get

the compliance rate closer to 90 percent by the end of the year.


motto here is we fish where the fish are,” said Majors. “So if we come

to your location and we catch you selling to a minor, it’s a guarantee

that we’re coming back. We’re going to keep fishing in the fishing hole

until you pass.”

While the suspensions and the threat of longer closures will certainly help compliance rates, so will the publicity. No bar wants to be the next to make headlines for serving minors.

So have those ID’s out and ready and expect stricter enforcement at bars across the city for at least the next couple of months.

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