National food holidays don’t make sense

While there are an endless number of food holidays — today is apparently National Hazelnut Cake Day — most of them have no real connection to the day on which they fall. It’s time for that to change. With three simple steps, America can have a definitive set of food holidays that will provide more fodder for food blogs and better highlight some of the uniquely American foods.

Trim the Fat. We need to get rid of extraneous food holidays and clear marketing gimmicks. Instead of making every day a food holiday, I think we’re looking at somewhere between once and twice a week. National Hazelnut Cake Day, you won’t make the cut. Especially when tomorrow is National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day.

America has a lot of different foods, but how many are worth their own holiday? Asking the simple question, “Am I excited to eat this today in the name of celebration?” should provide a simple answer.

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