MP3: Screaming Females, “I Do”

New Jersey’s Screaming Females went from being near-unknowns at the beginning of 2009 to being critical darlings by year’s end. The Voice named singer-guitarist Malissa Paternoster “Best Guitar-Shredder.” They also made quite a few other year-end best-ofs, in addition to being tapped by Jack White himself as the openers for the Dead Weather‘s tour.

The band has an illustrated tour diary of their recent trek opening for the Arctic Monkeys over at Nerve right now, if you’re inclined to see what it’s like for the band.

Since so many of the metal-tinged indie punk groups’ early records are not out of print, and in much demand, Don Giovanni (who released last year’s Power Move) has seen fit to collect them in one place. That collection is aptly dubbed Singles, and collects six songs from four out-of-print Females 7″s, with liner notes written by drummer Jarrett Dougherty. It’s out February 9.

A quick note about the file: it’s actually an AIF file, not an MP3. Your media player should handle it just fine, but it’s a lossless 32 MB file, so don’t be surprised when it takes a few minutes to download. Gimme Tinnitus has it as a compressed MP3 if you’re less of an audiophile.

MP3: Screaming Females, “I Do”

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