Mother’s Day brunches … reservations still taken

  • Even “Mommie Dearest” Joan Crawford took the family out for brunch on Mother’s Day. It was good for her image.

Don’t feel guilty: You’re not the only one, by any means, who has procrastinated until the very last minute to make reservations for Sunday brunch for your mother, your wife, your significant other, the woman who is still collecting your court-mandated child-support payments, and all the other lovely people who deserve to be honored on Mother’s Day, May 12.

Instead of asking Mom to dress up in her best frock only to take her to the drive-through at Sonic, why not make a reservation – it’s not too late! – at a place where she can sit, proudly, wearing the semi-lifelike silk corsage that the kids picked out at the Dollar General. She’s worth it.

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