Mother’s Day, already?

Flickr: Popartdks

One of the busiest days in the restaurant industry is Mother’s Day, that fabulous holiday devoted to the loving Moms of the world. It’s not exactly around the corner — May 10 is 54 days away — but at least one local restaurant is already tooting its own horn to get those reservations flowing in.

Starker’s Restaurant, 201 E. 47th Street on the Country Cub Plaza will offer a three-course brunch for $33 (plus tax and gratuity) that the restaurant’s forward-thinking publicist announces will make certain that “your mother has the perfect starter, entree and dessert of her choice!” Chef-owner John McClure is even going to enlist his own mother to “make her fabulous cinnamon rolls for the occasion.” For more information, call Starker’s at 816-753-3565.

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