More Friday meatless and fish-less meals

Fill up a plate, it’s not a sin

​Last Friday we listed a few church fish fries for Fat City readers who observe the tradition of meatless Fridays during Lent. But then we heard from observant diners who don’t care for seafood options such as boiled and fried shrimp, deep-fried fish or salmon croquettes. One Fat City reader e-mailed us to say that he ate only pancakes on Fridays.  

There are other options that don’t mess with meat or seafood. Most Italian restaurants, for example, offer pasta choices without fish, fowl or meatballs. True, a bowl of rich and creamy fettucine Alfredo or the lusty fettucine con panna w parmigiano made with triple-cream butter at Jasper’s Restaurant may be sinful, but as far as the Vatican is concerned, it’s kosher.

In addition to the restaurants that specialize in vegetarian fare, like the Blue Bird Bistro and Eden Alley, it’s easy to go meatless (and fish-free) at Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican and Chinese restaurants.

Don’t forget the Sweet Tomatoes Salad  Buffet, either. For a fixed price, this restaurant offers a trip to its well-laden salad bar and unlimited bowls of soup (there are always at least two vegetarian options), meat-free pastas, baked spuds, flatbreads and breads.

Want something fast? Winstead’s has a grilled cheese on rye.

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