Moran calls stimulus a waste, enjoys its bounty

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Kansas Congressman (and would-be senator) Jerry Moran agrees with you, America. The stimulus was a big, giant waste of money.

A new CNN poll finds that 63 percent of 1,021 adults think most of the stimulus money went to projects chosen for political reasons. On his Twitter feed, Moran says he agrees with the 74 percent of those polled who said half or more of the stimulus had been wasted. Glad I voted against it and every bailout,” he wrote.

It’s easy to make fun of the stimulus in the abstract. The package did not distribute federal money in a dramatic way, such as an airlift or a money booth. But it spends, all right. In fact, Moran’s district, the “Big First,” has been awarded more than $336 million, according to, the stimulus tracker.

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