Mizzou’s live tiger story just a case of bad journalisms

Yesterday, Tony Reali, the host of ESPN’s Around the Horn, introduced one of the final topics on the show by reading a headline: “Missouri students trying to bring a live tiger to games.” He turned to panelist J.A. Adande, former columnist of the Los Angeles Times, and asked, “What do you think of a live tiger at games, Adande?”

Adande replied, “[It’s a] bad idea to have a live tiger around campus.”

“Just pop in The Hangover,” guffawed panelist Michael Smith of ESPN.com. “They’re actually in college thinking this?”

Well, sort of. But if ESPN’s reporters and producers had looked beyond an outdated article in the University of Missouri’s campus newspaper The Maneater (it ran January 26), the Horn-ers might have held their tongues.

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