Missy Roe has it all: food blogger, conservative, beauty queen

Someone needs to give Melissa “Missy” Roe her own reality show. Missy has what most of those babes on the various Real Housewives shows don’t have: a real life. She has a real job (Roe serves as chief of staff and legislative director for U.S. Congressman Sam Graves), a real crown (she was voted Mrs. Missouri USA in 2010) and a real blog. A food blog called the Perfect Bite: Kansas City.

Roe also has a powerful husband, Jeff Roe — a political consultant popular with right-wing candidates — a hefty man who looks like he hasn’t ever missed a meal. Luckily, the lithe Missy shares his passion for food, but without any visible weight gain. (She exercises and eats sensibly when she’s not dining out, she says.) But her passion for eating was the driving force behind the Perfect Bite. She explains it all on her blog site: “I’m always looking for that ‘perfect bite.’ Whether it’s the section of the burger where the toppings line up perfectly or the exact amount of fruit to top my bite of foie gras, somewhere there’s a balance combination that exceeds your expectations.”

If you meet Missy, you’ll understand why it’s important to her that a burger’s toppings line up perfectly. Missy is perfect. Her hair, her clothes, her posture, her engagingly self-deprecating sense of humor, her gleaming toothy smile. She’s a perfect candidate to be followed everywhere by a camera crew: campaigning, eating, writing, eating …

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