Milk & Honey is sweet on French macarons

  • Nick Gardner
  • Karina Parreno (left) and Casey Conner are the duo of bakers behind Milk & Honey.

A blood-curdling scream filled the kitchen at the Independence Regional Ennovation Center a few weeks ago. Karina Parreno and Casey Conner looked at each other. Neither had made a peep.

“The kitchen is haunted,” Parreno says. “I don’t believe in paranormal activity, but the sound of shrieking was coming out of the oven at the stovetop the other night.”

“We both heard it,” Conner says. “The old morgue was below the kitchen. Sometimes the sinks will turn on and off. We leave little gifts of macarons. Then we take them because we can’t leave a dirty kitchen. The ghost has been on our side so far.”

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