Mike Pompeo billboard urges: ‘True Americans vote for Pompeo’

UPDATE: The Mike Pompeo “Vote American” billboards made The Rachel Maddow Show last night. Maddow points out that Raj Goyle is “also American … born in Cleveland.” Read the update and watch the video after the jump …

Republican Mike Pompeo will likely win tomorrow’s congressional election against Raj Goyle. FiveThirtyEight is projecting a 99.5 percent chance of a Pompeo victory, so it’s looking like a lock. But if/when Pompeo wins, he shouldn’t feel good about how he won.

An electronic billboard in Wichita is flashing a couple of bigoted campaign ads. One features real American John Wayne and urges voters: “True Americans vote for Pompeo.” The other simply reads “Vote American. Vote Pompeo.”

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