Microbreweries get a legislative boost from the City Council

  • Flickr: Smabs Sputzer
  • There’s plenty brewing in KC these days.

The Kansas City City Council voted Thursday to ease restrictions on microbreweries and alcohol manufacturers in the city. As KCUR reports, the council amended the city’s liquor ordinances to allow microbreweries and alcohol manufacturers to sell alcoholic beverages directly to the public at the location where they are made.

Under the old law, microbreweries could only give away samples unless they had a tavern license, which enabled them to sell beer on-site. The change to the law was done in part to encourage operations like the KC Bier Co., a new microbrewery in the works in Waldo, where no tavern licenses are currently available. With the amended ordinance, microbreweries can sell only the alcohol they produce on-site, but they can sell in bottles and by the drink.

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