Messy’s Birds & Brews has closed

The problem with trying to fly isn’t always about getting up and running; it’s that you’ve got to come back to earth some day. Messy’s Birds & Brews opened at 3605 Broadway in September 2009 and found a loyal following for the house-made sauces (creamy chipotle and Jamaican jerk were two of the specialties) and fried-to-order wings. The Bond brothers, Nate and Titus, were ambitious, creating a menu that included scratch mozzarella sticks and pork tenderloins. In February of the next year, we thought their wings could seriously challenge the Peanut someday for the best in the city.

That won’t be happening. Messy’s has closed both its locations at 3605 Broadway and 634 E. 63rd St. (the former site of Phil’s Coffee Shop and Grill). Titus Bond could not be reached for comment.

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