McDonald’s sued by employee who wants a check, not a debit card

  • dave_mcmt
  • McDonald’s accepts debit cards, but some of their employees won’t.

A 27-year-old McDonald’s employee in Pennsylvania was singing the old Burger King theme song last week: She wanted it her way. And she’s going to sue to make her point. reported yesterday that Natalie Gunshannon was expecting to get a paycheck after working at a McDonald’s in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania from April 24 through May 15. “When she received her first paycheck,” the story says, “enclosed was a Chase Bank debit card with instructions on how to use it and the fees attached.

“Her future earnings would be deposited into the debit card account and she could access her money from there…. When she returned to work she asked her supervisor if she could be paid by check or by direct deposit. She was told the card was the only option.”

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