Marijuana potency at three decade high

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Not only is pot becoming more legalish, it’s becoming more potent too.

On Thursday, scientists will gather in a circle to report that the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels in thousands of confiscated marijuana samples have exceeded 10 percent for the first time.

THC is an indicator of the potency of the pot. Back in the ’60s and through most of the ’90s THC levels never reached much higher than 5 percent. Scientists are using this new info to warn kids to look-out, this ain’t their parents’ pot. As CNN notes, the adolescent brain is especially susceptible to high THC levels.

The problem is without the government’s expensive testing equipment it’s difficult to tell the potency of the weed — unless you sample it. Some specimens in the government’s lab at Ol’ Miss had THC scores of 30 percent, which one science likened to 190 proof Everclear. But the average for pot grown domestically stayed at the average 5 percent.

High THC levels can do more than just lead to overdoses. In one study, rats who were injected with THC had a reduced sperm count and noticeable “loss of libido.”

Not that whiskey is much better but hey, it’s legal and the alcohol content is printed on the bottle so for the time being I’ll stick to that.

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