Los Cabos opens in Mission Farms

Los Cabos — the twelfth restaurant from KC Hopps — opened last Monday in Mission Farms. Today it debuts a new menu with several additional seafood and vegetarian items. 

“We look at every concept and decide if it’s something we can do well,” says Chris Sutton, CEO of KC Hopps. “In this case, we felt like we had the talent to put our mark on the location in Mission Farms.”

The restaurant at 10551 Mission Road seats 268 people with two private dining rooms available — and what Sutton believes is “the best patio in Johnson County,” thanks to two fire pits.

“I can’t wait for the Fourth of July — we look out directly on where they shoot off the fireworks in Leawood,” says General Manager Marco Diaz.

With a bar straight out of a beach resort and a dining room awash in cool orange and red tones, the restaurant looks completely different from the previous tenant, the Cajun-styled Boudreaux’s Lousiana Seafood & Steaks. And Diaz, formerly of Nara and Baja 600, has been excited by the response in the first week.  
“I love being in this neighborhood. This is a neighborhood restaurant and it really feels like all our neighbors want us to succeed,” he says. 

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