Life in Oz’s Dorothy reveals herself

Yesterday afternoon, I finally tracked down “Dorothy,” the woman behind the Life in Oz cartoon (drawn by Travis “Foxymoron” Fox) aimed at raising money to fend off book-banning conservatives. Dorothy’s real name is Kristin Schultz. She’s a stay-at-home mom in Overland Park (her kids are in the Olathe School District) who’s tired of seeing classic books challenged and removed from classroom discussions because of overprotective parents.

Schultz told me that she started the site to raise money for Olathe Schools First — according to its Web site, a “grassroots, nonpartisan organization of parents, patrons and community leaders who seek to protect the quality of the Olathe School District by supporting local school board candidates who understand the importance of excellence in public education.”
Schultz told me she also hopes enough money will be raised to go beyond school-board races in Olathe. She’d like to see money help fend off the book banners in Blue Valley and creationists on the Kansas State School Board.

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