Letter from the Editor: It’s here! The Best of KC 2022!!!

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Time to get down and dirty. And we mean really dirty. We’ve ventured high into the metro’s glistening vistas in search of all the best KC has to offer. But that would be only half the scientific process required to determine this year’s true Best Of 2022. Glitz and glamorama we can totally get with, but that’s just one of many disguises we’re not afraid to don. 

To capture the secret sidesteps and the superlative situations, this is our annual siren call to the scribes of this scrappy scoundrel society. We call on them for the singular mission of sniping the slices of our succulent city you simply must sample. With love and squalor—after a year of unceasing pendulum swings between the highest highs and the lowest lows—we are ready to present the sharply sub-examined superheroes and staggering successes of the best-goddamned city in America. [Yes, we will fight you, shouldst thou dissent.]

To quickly review the rules of the road in this month’s rag:

The first half of the pages you are currently holding belong to us. This is a collection of blurbs and micro-celebrations of an eclectic mix of all the people and places that rocked our 2022—and that you should track down, or make time for in the year to come.

We had so many more excited rants to share, but there are only X number of pages, and we didn’t want to hog the dead trees. Luckily, we’ve got a magazine every month between now and the end of time, so we’ll inevitably get around to the rest.

The second half of our glossy book here belongs entirely to you. That’s right, you did this. Specifically, 510 categories had 2,911 nominations, which lead to an online vote involving 469,847 cast votes. 30,720 Kansas Citians made their voices known, and selected the bright shining stars from each of our 11 groups, from BBQ to Sports & Rec to Weddings.

No one at The Pitch weighs in on these votes—this has always, and will always, belong to the people. We reiterate this because, if you don’t agree with a winner, don’t get mad at us. Get mad at your friends for having bad taste.

And with that, let’s dive in. Congrats to all the winners. And congrats to all the readers who will get to use this as a map to the stars of our fair city, whether you’re from here forever or just tumbling through for the weekend. KC has so much to be proud of, and we actively radiate with joy for all of you.

Pitch in and we’ll make it through,

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