Lee’s Summit scoop shop gets national recognition

When real estate appraiser Greg Berry realized that the real estate market was getting to the point where he could no longer support his family, he set about appraising what other business opportunities might exist around his neighborhood in Lee’s Summit.

He saw a need for ice cream.

“We looked into opening an ice cream store without going the franchise route and that’s when we started to learn that we could make our own ice cream in the shop,” says Berry.

Berry and wife Amy signed up for a week-long intensive ice cream-making class at the Frozen Dessert Institute in St. Louis. In the mornings they learned about the equipment and economics of running an ice cream shop, and in the afternoons they made flavors from scratch.

They opened their shop, Here’s Your Scoop (3743 SW Hollywood Drive in Lee’s Summit) on April 21 of this year. And after a strong start, they thought the ice creams they were producing could compete on a national level. So they shipped out samples for the competitions organized by the National Ice Cream Retailers Association’s 76th Annual Convention.

“I make my ice cream with a real low air — 30 to 40 percent, which means it’s heavier and creamier. The yield isn’t as good, after all air is free, but the ice cream is thicker and denser,” says Berry.

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