Kyle James has a song and now a video about getting really fucked up and laid a lot

Sly James is the mayor of Kansas City. You knew that, right? You should really know the name of the mayor of the city you live in. Anyway, you might know that the mayor has a son, and his name is Kyle James. In addition to getting arrested a lot, Kyle James is a rapper. He goes by the stage name KJ. We are all supposed to pretend like these facts are unrelated. The mayor quite understandably doesn’t want the public associating him with lyrics like You can suck on my dick till you get the hiccups, which KJ proudly delivers in the song “Bender.” I don’t know about you guys, but I am really enjoying watching this whole thing play out. The “Bender” video, which you can view above, is the latest chapter in the tale. It features Dutch Newman, lots of liquor bottles, and lots of women in tight, tiny clothes.

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