KC’s Spectacular Suzi Sanderson puts her best foot forward on The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

Sanderson sparks honest conversation around living boldly in your 70s.
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The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. // Courtesy Peacock

If there’s anything I learned from Suzi Sanderson, it’s that decluttering your life and mind is pretty badass.

Announced in 2022The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning is Peacock’s latest home/life/spiritual improvement show, and much like its Netflix peer Queer Eye—from the same production company—an entire season of the show is dedicated to sending these life coaches into KC and features the stories of local people who need help with an overwhelming mess.

Sanderson begins the first episode of The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning with her bold personality and the one thing she isn’t afraid to talk about: age. Throughout her episode, the 76-year-old woman defies all standards of what growing old is ‘supposed’ to look like. She openly shares her thoughts on being sexy, her vagabond adventures, and the emotions that arise when looking back on life’s collection of memories.

That said, where is our daring reality TV star now?

Well, the first thing she would like to address is that all her unique sculptures were gifts. She didn’t buy them herself, nor would she like to only be known for the collection—she is not The Penis Lady.

“It was a theme throughout the show, and every time it came up, I would just kind of wrap my head in my hands,” says Sanderson.

Regardless of this, Sanderson still has a vibrant, carefree attitude about her life.

“When you’re my age, you just laugh everything off,” says Sanderson. “Life is too short to get serious about too much.”

Viewers know that Sanderson works several jobs, one of them at Boveri Realty and another for expanding her singing career. Sanderson illuminated the stage at Missie B’s this past January and April after filming, but hopes to shine in more entertainment opportunities in the future.

“Nobody can sell a song any better than me, but there’s a lot of people who sound better,” says Sanderson. “I’ve been lucky to get by with what God gave me, and I’m able to entertain as much as I do.”

In relation to her death cleaning aftermath, Sanderson describes how she’s still in the process. She’s eliminated the clutter but now has to decide which life moments to keep and others to let go. Sanderson has sent more photos to friends since filming ended. Parting with other emotionally charged items is challenging, but she’s always happy to give and share with others.

“So far I’ve gotten good feedback,” Sanderson says. “God, I remember that night, barely.”

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The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. // Courtesy Peacock

Making friends has been difficult, even for someone who is the life of the party. Sanderson admits that with age, it’s hard to put energy into new friendships, and it’s partially why she hasn’t captured new pictures for her photo room frames. Sanderson hopes to change the wall more frequently to give it some life.

Love is important, but our main character still hasn’t found the right partner for all her adventures after filming. Some Midwest men can be intimidated by Sanderson’s personality, so she’s taking care of herself while waiting for someone to meet her standards. Should she choose to have a man in her life, she says grandkids are a bonus.

“There’s going to be somebody out there who’s ready for a fun time and a challenge,” says Sanderson. “I would like to have a companion to go on the rest of time with, but I’m not planning on dying too soon.”

Sanderson is very much filled with life, and we hope to see more of her singing and presence in Kansas City. Regardless if people can handle Sanderson’s no-filter honesty or confident character, she hopes you remember her–and her episode–for the joy she brings to others.

“I hope my legacy is that whenever anybody meets me, I made them smile or laugh,” Sanderson says. “I feel like I’ve accomplished my purpose.”

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The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. // Courtesy Peacock

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