KC Scholars Scholarship Awards will be announced digitally on May 1

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Award recipients. // Courtesy KC Scholars

KC Scholars is poised for continued impact and sustainability and is providing good news when good news is needed. 

On Friday, May 1, KC Scholars will announce their highly anticipated college scholarships for low-and-modest income students across a six-county area of the Kansas City region. The awards provide financial assistance, college advisement, and college planning and persistence support for students who have the greatest need and who may otherwise be unable to complete a postsecondary degree.  This year, students from 95 unique public, private, public charter and home-based high schools applied for a scholarship. For awardees, their dream of a college education will now become reality.  

KC Scholars will announce 1169 scholarships totaling a renewable investment of $32.5 million.  In keeping with the KC Scholars tradition of surprise ceremonies, six awardees will receive their award virtually during live online ZOOM meetings and/or car parade announcements at the student’s homes. 

“KC Scholars stands for hope and opportunity – something our collective soul yearns for at this time. The impact will live on for generations to come and will enrich our regional community,” stated Beth Tankersley-Bankhead, president and CEO of KC Scholars. “KC Scholars opens doors of opportunity for our Scholars, and for their families, and ensures fair and equitable access to education and employment. With the support of this program, this region’s students can fulfill their dreams.” 

KC Scholars’ goals include that 75% of Scholars complete a credit-bearing credential, associate, and/or bachelor’s degree and that 80% of completers stay in the Kansas City region to live, work and contribute. From its inception in 2016, KC Scholars has awarded over 4,000 scholarships.

Our Scholars are this community’s future leaders, neighbors, co-workers, and front-line service providers,” continued Tankersley-Bankhead.  “In this turbulent time, we must not – we dare not – forget the positive impact of education.” 

We invite the community to support KC Scholars by giving online at https://give-to-kcscholars.networkforgood.com

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