KC Pet Project rescues 16 pets from vacated property ahead of fee-waived adoption weekend

KC Pet Project 16 Dogs & Cats

A rescued good dog waits for attention. // Courtesy KC Pet Project

KC Pet Project has its hands full after a single property yielded the rescue of 16 animals, just days before its upcoming fee-waived adoption event. The pet-focused nonprofit was alerted to the south Kansas City home after receiving a phone call yesterday, warning that authorities were working to contain a variety of loose pets. Law enforcement officers happened upon the group of animals when issuing notices that asked code violators to vacate the property.

A few dogs were classified as underweight, and although all pets in attendance were social, the 20-acre location they were kept in was littered with trash and broken glass. The owners managed to take a few animals with them before vacating the property but still left nine adult cats and seven adult dogs behind.

“[The pets] were all fairly dirty,” KC Pet Project Chief Communications Officer Tori Fugate says. “There were a couple of them that were tethered either to a doghouse or under another type of shelter. There was a lot of trash on the property; we were removing tarps from things and finding cats underneath. The people who were living there knew all the of the animals, so we were able to find them all and get them all secured.”

After gathering the cats and dogs while assessing the situation, the KC Pet Project team brought each furry friend to a shelter for examination from a veterinary team.

The 16 rescued pets that were not relinquished by their owners can be reclaimed during a 10-day holding period.

All KC Pet Project shelters are currently at full capacity after last month brought in more than 1000 new pets—the organization’s biggest January ever.

The fee-waived adoption event is aimed to help alleviate January’s impact and operations similar to what the organization experienced yesterday.

The Winter Fee-Waived Adoption Event kicks off Friday, February 18, and runs through Monday, February 21, with the KC Campus for Animal Care and Zona Rosa Adoption Center locations both participating.

The Overland Park Petco (11620 West 95th Street) will also feature fee-waived adoptions, though only for cats. Foster pets are also available as part of the event.

“We don’t do a lot of fee-waived adoption events,” Fugate says. “We haven’t actually done one in well over a year, so this is a pretty special event, to be able to find a new friend. We’re gearing up and hope that we’ll be able to find homes for hundreds of pets this weekend, from all across our organization.”

Hopeful pet owners will be able to take home dogs larger than 30 pounds and cats more than six months old. All available animals can be found on the KC Pet Project website.

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