KC Pet Project rescues 61 cats from a single apartment; now seek forever homes in barns and breweries


One of the 61 rescues this week. // Courtesy KC Pet Project

Earlier this month Kansas City’s KC Pet Project hosted a claw-some event for furry feline friends and their owners appropriately named ‘Caturday House Party.’ Caturday is an annual event that is put on to raise money for the shelter to help ensure that their staff are able to care for the more than 4,000 homeless cats and kittens that come into the shelter every year. Caturday is usually a booze-filled party, but this year has to be different, to say the least.

Due to COVID-19 the event was turned completely virtual. People who bought tickets were given alcoholic care packages to take back home and celebrate there with their hairy babies. Some of the drinks in the kits, all vodka-based, included: the lazy cat, the lucky black cat, and my favorite, the Arnold PAW-mer. 

An overall Paw-sitive experience for the community.

While Caturday was a delightful distanced bacchanal for all involved, a more serious catastrophe has occurred this week.

KC Pet Project has been assisting with a case where dozens of cats were in the apartment of an overwhelmed caregiver in Kansas City, MO. Most of the cats living in the home were not well-socialized to humans, so, with the assistance of their caregiver and Animal Control Officers, their team members captured them in humane traps and brought them into the shelter.

A total of 61 cats have been brought in from this case, and most of the cats are unsocialized and cannot be placed into homes with families.

Because of the unsocial nature of these cats, shelter officials are hoping to find outdoor or barn homes for these kitties. They would do better in an environment where they can make their own choices regarding human interaction. Examples of environments where these cats would be successful:

  • Barn homes
  • Brewery, distillery, or winery
  • Auto shops
  • Warehouses
  • Art Studios
  • Anything else where they could help you while maintaining their freedom

Adoptions for these cats are fee-waived, and they are vaccinated, ear-tipped, and spayed/neutered at time of adoption.

These rodent rangers will need to be kenneled or confined at their new location for two weeks so they can become acclimated to their new surroundings prior to release, and they will need ongoing care for life including shelter from the elements, as well as daily food and fresh water.

This will maximize the potential for a successful relocation.

If someone is interested in adopting one or more of these cats, please email KC Pet Project at Contact@kcpetproject.org or stop by the KC Campus for Animal Care (7077 Elmwood Ave, Kansas City, MO 64132) location during normal business hours.

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