KC Pet Project launches ‘Home Away from Home’ program for pet owners in crisis

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Photo courtesy KC Pet Project

KC Pet Project recently launched its Home Away from Home crisis fostering program to give owners the time they need so they can keep their pets.

The nonprofit was able to launch this program thanks to Maddie’s Fund, a national foundation established by Dave and Cheryl Duffield to improve the well-being of companion animals. Out of many shelters across the country, KC Pet Project is one of the 18 shelters selected to participate in Arizona State University and Virginia Tech Maddie’s Nationwide fostering study.

Through this study, shelters receive extensive training on implementing and managing safety net fostering along with support for shelter staff that is directly aiding pet-owning families experiencing hardship.

There are 17 families enrolled in the Home Away from Home program. Families in Kansas City, MO who are in need of this program can apply for assistance directly through KC Pet Project for up to 4 pets. All applications are reviewed with a needs assessment in correlation to the capacity to provide care for the animals through available foster homes.

If approved, families can receive 30 days of crisis care through safety net fosters and additional program extensions if they qualify. Case Managers perform weekly check-ins with owners, give updates on their pet(s), coordinate any updates between the foster and the owner, and connect them to other community resources if needed.

This program is free for pet owners and if a pet needs medical attention during its stay with a foster family, the cost is covered by KC Pet Project. Families who need the assistance may be experiencing anything from eviction, domestic violence, rehabilitation, hospitalization, and more. The Home Away from Home program avoids families taking the devastating step of surrendering their pet.

Foster homes are needed to support this program and the pets in it because it is only made possible through the generosity of the community. If interested, a specialized addendum form must be signed and a high level of confidentiality is required.

Weekly check-ins will be conducted by KC Pet Project and foster families will receive the necessary supplies for a 30-90 day commitment range. In most cases, foster families and pet owners do not have communication because all of it is done through KC Pet Project. Apply to be a foster home through this link.

If you or your family needs assistance from KC Pet Project, apply here.

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