‘KC Night Live’ fills an SNL-sized hole in our weekends

Kcnl Hero Dw

News time. // Photo by KC Night Live

Local KC performers got tired of waiting for SNL to come back. While the major network show has been back for two weeks, the SNL-shaped hole in our hearts has been filled by the ensemble cast of these lockdown lads and ladies. New episodes roll out every Saturday night.

Some friends started up a passion project with a few friends called KC Night Live. It is a weekly online comedy/music show in the same vein as SNL. There are sketches, stand-up, and of course musical guests. Last week’s show featured Berwanger and Left E. Grove, with The Sluts penciled in for the upcoming show.

“When SNL shut down, Max Kreutzer and Suzie Gilbert (they are married) decided to try and fill in the void it left,” says performer Danny West. “They produced the first episode on cell phones and webcams and it had great potential. Several episodes later, the cameras got better, the jokes more polished, and we were booking 2 musical guests a week to showcase their songs.”

Main members of the cast have known each other for 20 years, and have been performing in comedy and music the entire time.

All of the shows are at www.kcnightlive.com and Instagram. If you’d like to submit as a performer, you can do so on their website.

Here’s hoping the show extends long past the COVID-19 shutdown. Especially since actual SNL seems to have realized that they’re much funnier when they’re pre-recorded as opposed to live.

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