KC journalist Lisa Benson releases tell-all book Fired Over White Tears

Lisa I Am2

Lisa in the city. // Courtesy Sloane Heller Media

Lisa Benson thought if she worked hard and played by the rules, she could avoid the racial pitfalls of a Black woman in her career field. She was wrong. And now she’s written a book about her experience: Anchored in Bias: Fired Over White Tears.”

Benson made national news when her twenty-year career as a news reporter/anchor ended abruptly with KSHB after she shared an article on her personal Facebook page entitled, “How White Women Use Strategic Tears to Avoid Accountability” written by fellow journalist Ruby Hamad-an article that offended two of her white female coworkers, which ultimately got her fired.

Yes. An article she didn’t even write, about white women and unconscious racism, caused two white women to feel personally attacked. To the point where they demanded a Black woman be fired.

Not a great look for KSHB on so many levels.

Benson’s book is a transparent evaluation of systemic racism and the anti-blackness that exists in cities, neighborhoods, and newsrooms throughout the United States. It’s a fascinating dive into race relations at a time when the country is having a national reckoning with these issues. Seeing this through the eyes of a KC resident helps frame it in uncomfortably local terms.

Benson was a guest on the Streetwise podcast a couple of weeks back. You can hear that discussion here.

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