KC is “soft opening”—what does that mean and why have the rules already changed?

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We’re in The New New Normal. What does that look like?

Most non-essential business operations that are open to the public, such as retail stores and personal care services, can resume in-person operations, operating under what the mayor described as “a 10/10/10 rule.” An update from the mayor today indicates that the documentation of patrons is canceled.

This means we’re in a 10/10 order. It became clear to city leaders that the documentation was not going to be enforceable and lacked the data management components that would make it most effective. Lucas advised those businesses to require customers and employees to wear masks and maintain at least six feet distance among people.

Gyms, bars and playgrounds must remain closed until next week. Many non-essential businesses are allowed to reopen, but that is left up to the business owners. Lucas has asked that employers do not fire employees that don’t feel comfortable coming in, as this would disqualify them for any kind of financial support via unemployment benefits, but there’s no way of enforcing this. So. A lot of conflict will be arising over the next week. Lucas has suggested that employees who cannot secure child care should also not be forced to return to work, but similar issues exist here.

If you’re going back, please just take care of yourselves.

Haircuts and salons can open. So can businesses that aren’t open to the public, such as advertising firms or The Pitch. (We aren’t going into the office for a very long time.)

Small religious gatherings can have 10 people inside, and outside events can have up to 50 people. Governor Parson announced earlier in the week that, state-wide, this is no restriction on concerts. Knuckleheads has already re-opened, and we’re interested in seeing how they enforce social distancing measure there, because oh god do I miss concerts.

On the 15th, you’ll see gyms, restaurants, bars, museums, movie theaters, and City Hall opening up to the public. Again, these are at the discretion of the businesses themselves. We aren’t sure how many people are chomping at the bit to get into a movie theater right now, but I guess we’ll see what protections are in place.

As always, if you’re going out into the world, please wear a mask. It shows that you care about others and that you care about yourself. Also, obviously, it’s good for your health.

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