KC Bier Co. releases Fountain City Wheat to benefit City of Fountains Foundation

a bottle of beer in front of a fountain

Photo by Katie Camlin

KC Bier Co. has partnered with the City of Fountains Foundation to release Fountain City Wheat, a new beer whose sales proceeds will benefit the City of Fountains Foundation for the nonprofit’s 50th anniversary.

“For the last 50 years, City of Fountains Foundation have been responsible for maintenance, upkeep, and general promotion of the 48 publicly owned fountains in Kansas City,” says Katie Camlin, digital and social media coordinator and designer of the Fountain City 6-pack. “Once a year, they have fountain day, where they turn on the fountains for the season, and it’s a big celebration. And so this year’s Fountain Day combined with their 50th anniversary—they really wanted to celebrate and bring awareness to what they do.”

Managing Partner and Founder of KC Bier Co., Steve Holle, says in a press release, “As a locally owned brewery, we are highly supportive of civic causes, and we were delighted when the City of Fountains Foundation asked us to support one of Kansas City’s most beloved icons.”

Fountain City Wheat will be available March 15 at retailers across the metro area and in Lawrence, with a portion of sales benefitting the City of Fountains Foundation. According to Camlin, at least $1 per case sold will be donated.

“City of Fountains Foundation loved the idea of having some fountain images on the package,” says Camlin. “There are four fountains on it. They pretty much run from the north, southeast, and west metro area. So, we have a Northland fountain, we have a South KC fountain, but there’s kind of something from every corner of Kansas City represented.”

Vanguard Packaging donated materials for the digital printing of the packages.

“Our hefeweizen is one of our most popular brews,” says Camlin. “Fountain City Wheat has notes like clove and banana and spice, but the filtering just really makes it extra refreshing and super drinkable.”

Talk about a tasty way to give back to the KC community.

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