Karl Rove makes Todd Akin murder joke

  • Akin says the FBI is investigating threats against him.

Karl Rove just can’t help publicly harassing Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin. A few days ago, he predicted that Akin would suffer a record-breaking defeat in November’s election. Bloomberg Buisnessweek reports today that Rove made a wisecrack about Akin getting murdered. The report says that while Rove was speaking to heavy-hitting donors in Tampa at a breakfast, he said, “We should sink Todd Akin. If he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts!”

The AP reports that Akin’s campaign has released a statement (not available online yet) calling the joke disturbing because the FBI was investigating threats he received since his infamous “legitimate rape” comments. Rove’s Crossroads GPS super PAC was one of the first major Republican campaign donors to abandon Akin over his comments. They previously spent $5 million in ads supporting his campaign. The PAC has been lobbying hard to get Akin to quit the race.

“Rep. Akin faces a simple choice: Will he help Democrats hold the McCaskill seat and potentially the Senate majority by staying in the race, or will he help Republicans defeat Barack Obama’s most reliable ally in the Senate by getting out?” Crossroads president and CEO Steven Law said in a statement when the PAC dumped Akin.

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