Kansas tea-party rock star Rep. Tim Huelskamp signed up for the Affordable Care Act

Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp votes against the Affordable Care Act every chance he gets.  

He calls it a “liberty-attacking mandate.”

And he subscribes to it.

Huelskamp told a gathering in Clay Center, Kansas, on Thursday that he and his wife signed up for insurance offered through the Affordable Care Act.

“For the record, I am on Obamacare — Yee-hah!” Huelskamp chortled, according to the The Clay Center Dispatch. “My wife complains about it all the time.”

Huelskamp joins fellow tea-party legend and presidential candidate Ted Cruz, as well as millions of other Americans, who have taken up health-insurance coverage through the ACA.

The only mandate under the ACA is that you have health insurance, not that you accept coverage through the federal program.

Huelskamp could just get private insurance. But like most people, Huelskamp wants to save money. And by getting insurance through a federal exchange, where he works, the federal government subsidizes his premiums.

Huelskamp didn’t want to pass up some help from Uncle Sam.

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