Kansas could be the first state to outlaw K2 synthetic marijuana

​If you’re a fan of K2 — the legal (for now) synthetic weed that simulates marijuana’s effects on the brain — better get to one of the head shops selling it today.

This morning, the Kansas House endorsed a bill that would criminalize fake reefer and make possession a misdemeanor. The state Senate already passed a version of the bill less than two weeks ago, and the thing is moving so fast that it could be on Gov. Mark Parkinson‘s desk by early next week.

If the bill is signed into law, Kansas would become the first state in the country to criminalize K2.

Next election cycle, remember to thank Olathe Republican state Rep. Robert Olson for sponsoring the bill.

By the way, if you live in the metro, Coffee Wonk (3535 Broadway) and ScentSational Scents (10 Westport Road) carry K2.

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