Kansas City! Party of five. Your adventure ended.

The first time I went to Rain Forest Cafe I was 10 and it was at the Mall of America in Minnesota. The Rain Forest Cafe there looked remarkably similar to the Rain Forest Cafe that closed in the Oak Park Mall on Monday.

I remember thinking, “Man, this place is cheesy” and this was from a 10-year-old. The best part was the very pretty hostess who, every few moments, would have to turn on a microphone and say the embarrassing phrase, “Jones Family. Party of Three. You’re adventure is about to begin.” She was so good at her job we thought we were about to begin a real adventure.

There were also some cool live parrots. Sporadically a cold mist would

squirt from some hidden nozzle and provide some much-needed fresh water

but overall, the plastic snakes and fake ferns were underwhelming, as

were the chicken fingers in the shape of dinosaurs. When we finally got seated, halfway through the meal, the entire restaurant got dark and there was a loud crack of thunder and lightning and the sound of birds. It was pretty cool and right in the middle of it, the waitress came by and filled up the table’s drinks, ruining the mood.

My grandmother didn’t finish all of her meal and got a to-go box. My family party left to explore the mall and realized after a couple minutes that we had forgotten the to-go box, yet we never went back to get it. We didn’t miss it. I guess the point is, now that Rainforest Cafe has left Oak Park Mall and considering that the same ownership has a newer, more up-to-date restaurant in town, will anybody miss Rain Forest Cafe? Owen Morris

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