July proved too hot for Sosa’s and some other restaurants

There’s a “temporarily closed” sign taped to the door at the trouble-plagued Sosa’s 39th Street Diner, at 3906 Waddell. Yes, the same Sosa’s Diner that took over the venerable Nichol’s Lunch location in January 2013 … and closed two years later … and reopened this past March. 

That’s when Anthony Sosa, with the blessing of leaseholder Laura Weiss, returned his namesake diner to the address, which had been set to house a completely different restaurant.

That’s all confusing, but the bottom line is that, on July 17, Sosa’s closed for what looks to be longer than just temporary.

Anton Kotar, the restaurateur who runs Anton’s Tap Room, at 1610 Main, attempted to take over the space about a year ago, hoping to turn the venue into Estelle’s Diner. He says he’s still keeping an eye on the spot. “I might throw my hat into the ring again,” he says. 

The closing of Sosa’s 39th Street Diner is just one of several bittersweet restaurant endings this month.

Confirming that sometimes you just can’t go home again, Blanc Burgers + Bottles shuttered its second Westport location, this one at 4120 Pennsylvania, after 17 months in business (and eight months after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy). The location is already under construction to become the first Kansas City outpost of Dempsey’s Burger Pub later this summer.

After two years of operation, the Futbol Club Eatery & Tap, at 12030 in Overland Park, has closed.

An even quicker demise befell Beth Tully’s 15-month-old Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates, which has shut the doors of its Prairiefire location (5601 West 135th Street).

Another surprise closing: the nine-month old Morton’s Grille on the Country Club Plaza.

File under Better News: Five promising restaurants opened in July.

Bonchon Chicken in Lee’s Summit.

Pizzeria Locale in Waldo.

Standard Pour in Westport.

Chocolate Frog in Prairie Village.

Blind Tiger in midtown Kansas City.

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