Join us June 12 for the Raucous Caucus, a new kind of KCMO election forum, at Barney Allis Plaza

We have no problem with candidate forums as a general concept. While it’s a tall task for aspiring Kansas City, Missouri, City Council candidates to make the seemingly endless list of forums prior to the elections, any excuse to get would-be politicians in front of interested voters is a good thing.

But many forums follow the same model: Candidates sit on a stage like museum exhibits, a moderator poses a litany of questions and, if there’s time at the end, the audience lobs a query or two.

We’re going to try something different this year. Ahead of the June 23 primary, The Pitch, along with LiveKC, mySidewalk, genKC, 90.9 the Bridge, and KCPT Channel 19 are hosting the Raucous Caucus from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, June 12, at Barney Allis Plaza.

Candidates, all of whom will be invited, will be encouraged to mingle with the audience to learn what’s on their minds, and see firsthand what voters want to know and where they want to see Kansas City go. There’s hardly a script for this event. It’s for the voters, giving them an opportunity to interact with the candidates firsthand.

Do you not vote in municipal races?

Do you want to tell a candidate what you think about transit?

Do you have concerns about quality of life in Kansas City?

Do you want to hear what plans a candidate has for the district you live in?

Raucous Caucus is your chance to be heard. 

Learn more on the Raucous Caucus Facebook page, or by going to

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