Jasper Mirabile Jr. makes mozzarella at your table

From curds and whey to fresh, creamy mozzarella

​If there’s a new trend for making guacamole tableside at restaurants like Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, more upscale tableside theatrics — Steak Diane, Bananas Foster, Cherries Jubilee — are harder to find.


Restaurant was once famous for tableside flambe dishes like Crepes Suzette, particularly in its more formal original location at 75th and Wornall, and the waitstaffstill prepares Caesar salads tableside. But lately, the ten-year-old Jasper’s location at 1201 West 103rd Street has begun offering a new twist, as it were, on tableside theatrics: fresh mozzarella prepared right in front of a diner’s eyes. It’s not only quite a show — it’s absolutely delicious.

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