It’s National French Fry day!

Since today is National French Fry Day, it’s a good time to talk about the best fried spuds in the metro. It was a topic one Friday on the Walt Bodine Show, with lots of callers throwing in their two cents’ worth. That’s how I discovered the charming Cafe Augusta in Shawnee — which has a lot of wonderful dishes to sample — and, yes, the fries are very good.

And then there’s my newest discovery, a little joint at 100 U.S. Highway 50 in Lone Jack called the 50 Roadside Cafe. It’s a diner, but owner Jeanette Hancock is very proud of her hand-cut, freshly made french fries. My friend Bob said they were the best fries he’s ever tasted, though I thought they could have been a lot crispier. This restaurant also serves something called “Sour Cream and Chive Fries.” Our waitress explained that these fried potatoes are seasoned with a sour cream and chive flavoring so “they taste like the sour cream and chives are right in ’em.”

As a french fry purist, I decided to pass on that particular creation.

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