It’s a case of kismet for Natalie George at Cafe Gratitude

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  • Cafe Gratitude is now in Kansas City.

Natalie George was just a businesswoman looking for something healthy to eat when her work took her to San Francisco five years ago. A colleague recommended Cafe Gratitude, a vegan and raw restaurant, to the Garmin saleswoman and the fitness buff was initially skeptical when she found out that a health-conscious establishment didn’t know the calories in its dishes.

“I had the I am Fabulous Lasagna. I remember saying I’m fabulous with each bite. That was the first time I can remember eating without fear. I didn’t count the calories. I didn’t worry about being fat. I didn’t realize how all encompassing my focus on calories had become,” George says. “I took that lasagna to go every day for a week. I ate it and I fell in love with it. It changed my life.”

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