Is this love? Whitesnake launches wine label

When you think of the rock band Whitesnake, you probably think of a crisp, clean Chardonnay. Something refined, not too oaky. I think of an open bottle of pink champale in a hot-tub suite at a motel. Whitesnake is likely aiming for something in between with its new Whitesnake Zinfandel.

The Onion‘s A.V. Club picked up a release announcing the first licensed wine from the hair band. Writer Sean O’Neal had this to say:

David Coverdale calls the new Whitesnake Zinfadel 2010 a “bodacious, cheeky little wine, filled to the brim with the spicy essence of sexy, slippery Snakeyness,” while recommending it to anyone who wishes to engage “all grown up friskiness and hot tub jollies,” or those who want to use some cheap wine to obliterate the mental image of aging Whitesnake fans engaging in “hot tub jollies.”

The wine launches July 1, in partnership with Sonoma County’s De La Montany Winery.

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