Is there a Kansas City way to dress a hot dog?

The past couple of days, Fat City has been talking to chef Marshall Roth, of Dog Nuvo, who understandably has hot dogs on the brain. But while his creativity can’t be denied — seriously, beef bourguignon and melted brie? — I don’t think we’ve settled on a standard dress for hot dogs in this city.

If I say a Chicago-style hot dog, that means I’m expecting sweet relish, tomato slices (or wedges), diced white onions, yellow mustard, sport peppers, a pickle slice and some celery salt on top. But a Kansas City-style dog doesn’t have as narrow an interpretation.

The KC Dog at Dog Nuvo is topped with “burnt ends,” barbecue sauce, and bread and butter pickles, while the Kansas City Dog at Kauffman Stadium is topped with Swiss cheese, grilled sauerkraut and Boulevard Pale Ale mustard. Besides barbecue, Boulevard or another topping, is there a Kansas City way to dress a hot dog?

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