Insurance agents want Brownback as governor

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As a U.S. Senator, Kansas Republican Sam Brownback insists the nation’s health-care crisis can be cured with private-sector solutions. Now, those private-sector industries are writing checks to boost Brownback to the Governor’s mansion in 2010.

Last month, when Brownback visited Cleveland Chiropractic Clinic in Overland Park, the Senator made clear he doesn’t favor the public insurance option Democrats are pushing in Congress. He doesn’t want the government meddling in medical affairs and, when it comes to reform, he preaches the gospel of health savings accounts.  

So it’s little wonder that the private insurance market is already throwing cash at Brownback’s gubernatorial campaign. Tonight, the Republican hopeful is hosting a fundraiser at the home of John Federico, executive director of Leadership Kansas, in Topeka. Helping to bankroll the reception are nine “co-hosts.” Among them: Humana, the Kansas Association of Insurance Agents and the Kansas Health Care Association

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