Ingredient opens downtown location

Ingredient opened its fourth location on Monday at 1111 Main Street, in the downtown space formerly occupied by the Mango Room.

The fast-casual restaurant’s concept is defined in the “formulate satisfaction” slogan from the sign: In addition to an expansive menu of salads, sandwiches, soups and pizza, Ingredient offers salads and pizzas made-to-order from a bevy of options. 

Salads on the menu run from $7.95 (caesar) to $10.95 (Tuna Nicoise with grilled ahi tuna). Grilled sandwiches are $7.95 (Portobella Melt, portobella mushrooms and brie cheese) to $9.95 (Peppercorn Steak, pepper crusted steak with a bacon blue cheese sauce). The Main Street location also offers four soups made daily ($3 for a cup, $4.50 for a bowl), which can be turned into a half-soup, half-sandwich combo ($8.95).

But the main attraction is the custom salads and pizzas. Salads run $8.95 with an additional $2-$4 for the protein of your choice (falafel to blackened ahi to pulled red chili turkey). That includes two greens, five ingredients (for example: spiced anjou pears, smoked bacon, parmesan cheese, spicy cashews, and sun dried cranberries), and a choice of dressing (tatziki to mango cider vinaigrette). 

Made-to-order pizzas ($9.95) are topped with a three cheese blend, a choice of sauce and three ingredients (chorizo, soy mozzarella, and grilled pineapple is one possible new-age take on a Hawaiian).

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