Independence pastor files for restraining order against Jackson County sheriff

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The Independence pastor arrested and released without being charged last week in a raid of the New Covenant Faith Center has now filed for a restraining order against Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp and his office.

The petition, filed by attorney John Carnes on behalf of Lloyd D. Sartain, alleges that during last week’s two-day raid, the sheriff and his deputies ransacked the church, “tore up the sanctuary and the parsonage,” damaged the ceiling, kicked in the doors (even after keys were offered) and “stole” the church’s records, files, tithes, books, credit cards, bank statements and income tax returns.

Now, the church cannot pay its bills or staff, Carnes writes, and the church has been shut down.

The petition claims the sheriff’s office has harassed church members

and spread lies to the press and public about the church, including

alleging “sexual misconduct” and “exploitation of minors.” Among the

claims Carnes says aren’t true are that Sartain is a felon with DWI and

non-support convictions and weapon charges.

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